Who do we represent.....?

Here you will be able to see and read up on our current list of suppliers to whom we have exclusive representation for. As you will find out as you scan down this
page we spend a lot of time scanning the globe to find the best companies to represent, our suppliers also then have to meet our own set criteria, so that we can
ensure our customers are receiving the best possible products. As you will see our many suppliers cover a vast proportion of the world and enable us to supply a
diverse array of products.
Analytic Systems has been an innovative Canadian manufacturer in the power conversion industry for over 30 years. They design and manufacture a complete
range of high performance power conversion products including Battery Chargers, Voltage Converters, DC/AC Inverters, Power Supplies, Frequency Converters and
MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. ASW have seen steady growth over the years and their ongoing R&D programs have helped and compact packages. In the area of
power conversion products, they are regarded as one of the most versatile and responsive companies in the industry. They continuously strive for the highest
standards in order to provide our customers with high quality products. We know that the reliability of our systems depends not only on the quality of the design and
manufacture, but also the quality of service back-up that we provide to our customers. Our products are designed to meet and exceed many international testing
standards (ie. CSA/UL, CE) and their wholly owned manufacturing sites practice the latest quality management practices.

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SELCO products are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and are suitable for use in both land and offshore applications. SELCO's research and
development team continuously maintains and further develops our products by using the latest technological development tools. This work ensures that systems
based on SELCO equipment provide high flexibility, easy troubleshooting and require little or no maintenance. We believe that the SELCO concept provides the
lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. SELCO products are known to be of high quality and reliability and comply with the demands from all major marine
classification societies as well as I.E.C. known to and inspection. SELCO policy is to fulfill expectations and offer the best services by assisting with specific technical
solutions. standards. The SELCO products are inspected by a highly skilled and qualified personnel. All equipment undergoes fifty hours of burn-in before final test
and inspection. SELCO policy is to fulfill expectations and offer the best services by assisting with specific technical solutions. World-wide cooperation Together with
local colleagues SELCO A/S today maintains customer relations in more than 60 countries all over the world. We take pride in continuing our long tradition of
servicing our customers.
Understanding what our customers need and delivering it is our job. Cantoni Motor offers a full range of motors from 0,04kW up to 4000 kW standard, high efficiency
motors, explosion-proof motors and special application motors. Our motors are tough and reliable. Individual approach to customer requirements is always the
foundation on which we build our experience and success.  Our motors operate in more than  40 countries all over the world, in almost all industrial segments from
pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, mining, processing to power plants and many different fields. We are more than just a supplier, we are a partner. This is the
reason why we are among the leaders  in the world.
Since 1963, Dart Controls has been designing and manufacturing some of the world's most reliable variable speed motor drives, controls and accessories for
electric motors in our Zionsville, Indiana facility. Through continuous innovation, a relentless dedication to the industry, and a commitment to high quality products
and dependable delivery Dart Controls has retained the leadership position it established over 40 years ago. Always seeking ways to provide total value through
innovation, Dart recently expanded by adding a new Engineering and R&D facility to our Zionsville, Indiana location. Continuously seeking ways to improve our
quality, efficiency, and services while maintaining our commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers.

Some of the ways that Dart Controls fulfills this mission is as follows Dedicated Employees and Manufacturing Operations Dart Controls is proud to have one of the
most loyal and dedicated work forces available anywhere in the world. With an extremely low turnover rate, you can rest assured that your drive is being assembled
by a team of associates that understands their job very well and knows the importance of doing it right. From our headquarters and manufacturing facility in
Zionsville (Indianapolis), Indiana, we have produced and shipped more than 2,000,000 variable speed drives.

Total Solutions Provider In addition to the many standard, off-the-shelf products offered, Dart Controls is also a Total Solutions Provider. We will develop packages
of sensors and drives to meet your specific needs and custom engineer products for your unique application. Dart Controls is a Customer-Driven company, so we
listen to your needs. If those needs require new or customized products we will work with you and your engineering team to provide a total solution.

Dart Controls offers the broadest range of electronic motor speed controls (rated to 3 Hp), as well as speed control accessories available in the industry. Superior
Service and Support means With Dart Controls you can rely on an immediate response for product or service information, as well as rapid order processing, prompt
shipments, and  knowledgeable service staff. We also provide comprehensive instruction manuals for each of our products and these manuals, as well as other
valuable time-saving information, can be found and downloaded from our website. Our sales representatives cover 48 U.S. States, Canada, and Mexico, and our
products are stocked by local distributors in most major cities in the U.S., Canada and certain overseas countries. Over the last decade Dart has implemented the
concepts of lean manufacturing. Through the use of lean tools such as Standard Work, Kanban, Kaizen, JIT, Visual Control Systems and Poka-Yoke (error
proofing) we continue to improve and refine our processes and practices. The benefit to our customer is managed cash flow from a reduction to their inventory
made possible by our ability to reliably deliver any size order with an extremely fast turnaround.
Protection Relays for power distribution and industrial applications. With consistent annual growth, Orion Italia has established itself as a solid name in all
continents, providing solutions for utilities, industrial facilities, Original Equipment Manufacturers, consultants and contractors, leading its relays to be worldwide
recognized as the ideal choice for reliability and simplicity. The approach to international Active on the Italian and international markets since 1987, Orion Italia has
become the leading brand in the design and manufacture of markets is part of our strategic business vision: facing new and different competitive environments has
never been an obstacle for the growth of the company, representing instead a challenge for managers and product developers. Since 1987 Orion Italia has
multiplied its international relationships and business co operations with its own network of Value Added Resellers, enriching its market offer with complete support
and assistance & stepping closer and closer to our customers real needs.
CRE TECHNOLOGY has provided the engine and gen-set industry for over 30 years  with standard products and dedicated solutions for engine control, gen-set
protection and paralleling. All application fields where power is the core resource of performance are covered by CRE TECHNOLOGY. The company is a reference in
the industrial, marine and defence businesses.
Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind all thinking processes in the company. Quality is considered of first concern and is at the forefront of all our
products, leading to efficiency and thus to customer satisfaction.

CRE TECHNOLOGY is a very reputable name on the market, supplying over 2000 paralleling products per year. You can rely on us to deliver your orders effectively,
from small quantities to several thousands units.

CRE TECHNOLOGY  has experienced average growth of 25% over the last 5 years. Our very strong position allows us To reinvest into our ambition to continually
bring the most advance products in the market closer to you. The coming years will see us broadening of our distribution network to stay on top of market demands
and provide five service to all customers.